About Dan

Hi, my name is Dan! I got my start in roofing 15 years ago starting literally from the ground up working as a laborer on a roofing crew as a summer job. I loved the hard work, the exercise, building things with my hands and the camaraderie. Eventually, I started my own roofing company up in Canada where we had to build roofs for extremely cold conditions. When I decided to move to Texas, I was extremely blessed to find a fit where I could use my experience to help contribute to the best roofing team in Texas (and therefore the world): Rhino Roofers! What excites me the most about being on the Rhino Roofers team is our shared commitment to honesty, integrity and doing right by the customer (even when it's tough) and creating a reputation that shines brightly from every rooftop in San Antonio! I have a lifelong passion for music and studied classical piano and jazz in college and love making beats with my collection of synths! As a former Canadian resident I am also a big fan of hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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